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  Peak Land Company
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Peak Land Company offers Homes, Villas, Condos and
Apartments located conveniently in the Farmington, MO
area. We are the place to find the home you've been
looking for, call us today to learn more.

Mission Statement

Peak Land Company's main objective is to be recognized as the leading company that creates, manages
and provides the finest residential communities providing quality and affordable living space for any and
all varying stages of our clients lives. We offer homes for single individuals and growing families;
spanning the complete economic spectrum from median priced to luxurious, custom built residences.
"Empty Nesters" can find the perfect choice in one our maintenance free Villas, those in a transitional
phase of their life will be pleased to find that we have several renting opportunities in our Condos for rent
and The Hilltop Apartments both located in the Farmington, MO area. Peak Land Company literally has:
"Something For Everyone" when it comes to choosing a new location for your living space.

The Peak Land Company Team is comprised of members that strive to acquire the latest education
and information concerning up and coming design trends, floor plans and building styles which make life
more enjoyable. We stay ahead of the curve and are able to provide our clients more choices in the
process of deciding how and where you want to live. We also work hard to be the employer of choice,
which means that our staff is comprised  of only the most professional employees and skilled contractors.
By utilizing only the best of the best we provide the top level quality our current clients have come to
expect and new clients will come to appreciate.

Peak Land Company follows up and follows through with our outstanding customer service program,
we treat our clients in such a manner as to ensure that when it comes to choosing your next home
or referring a friend or family member there will be no doubt that Peak Land Company is the clear choice.
Our goal is to have our clients in one of our luxurious communities for a lifetime -

Wherever we have locations:

We want to grow with you.
Thank You for visiting peaklandcompany.com
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