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     Springbrook Park (573.760.8900)
       Springbrook Park, Farmington, MO Real Estate

  Peak Land Company can build you a home in the Springbrook Park
  Community. Located in city limits - multiple 1/2 acre lots available.
  Home prices in this area range from the 200's to 500's and include
  access to all city utilities and resources. Call now to check available
  lots as there are a limited number of building sites. (573.760.8900)
     Stone Creek (573.760.8900)
       Stone Creek Community, Farmington, MO Real Estate

  Peak Land Company can provide you with a perfect mix of living out of
  town while being only minutes away from town; 2+ acre building lots in
  the 200's to 400's allow you to build your own custom home with the
  privacy you desire and the convenience of being just a "stone's throw"
  away from the city of Farmington, MO and all it has to offer.
  Call now to check lot availability: (573.760.8900)
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