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Peak Land Company is Farmington,  Missouri's leading
fine custom Home Builder and Real Estate
source. We offer a variety of superior designs
and maximum value in all the living space we
create. Peak Land Company achieves this goal
by combining our professional building skills with uncompromising commitment to quality while
working with you to provide complete satisfaction.

Our Homes, Villas and Apartments are as beautiful
to look at as they are to live in; every detail is meticulously crafted and any enhancement the customer may desire can and will be flawlessly integrated into a custom built living space
that is uniquely yours.
     "Life happens" - everyday; and the single most important choice you make
  as a homeowner is: "Where?" Peak Land Company would like to help you answer
  that question; we provide homes for each individual lifestyle.

     Everyone's needs vary; from renting an apartment or condominium to owning
  a villa or median priced home or allowing the professional staff at Peak Land
  Company the honor of custom designing your own magnificent dream home.

     Peak Land Company will meet all of your needs in one of our multiple com-
  munities or by custom building your home on land you already own; we have
  you covered from start to finish. We stand by our work and ensure that you
  as the homeowner are not just satisfied but positive you made the right choice
  when selecting Peak Land Company to provide you with the living space where   your life happens.

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